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If Google Glass was a Haircut

If you had a chance to catch my first ever Google Glass video, you may remember the part where I compared the entire New York experience to a hair appointment in a really swanky salon. And it truly was just like that. The different “stations” with mirrors and the ambiance had me itching to act like I was at a hair appointment and get video of the whole thing.

Me to Google Employee:  “Okay, so I’ll pretend like you just gave me a haircut—except that the “haircut” is Google Glass—and then I’ll just act really surprised and maybe cry a lot. Also, we’ll get it all on video and promote it to my millio—dozens of subscribers.”

Only, my Google Glass representative didn’t quite share my enthusiasm for improv.

Google Employee:  “Uhhhh…yeah. I don’t think I’m allowed to do that.”

Has she even heard of the Internet? Does she not know the kind of perks that talentless, YouTube sensations get these days? I offered her the opportunity of a lifetime, and she turned me down to abide by Google’s no-acting-in-amateur-YouTube-videos rule. Well, you straight-laced Google employee, I hope that cushy day job of yours brings you as much fame, notoriety and benefits as 250+ views on YouTube.

Some people.

Ah, well, it’s probably for the best. Brian generally hides when I start to fake cry in public anyhow.

Which brings me to yet another one-woman show performed in front of my iMac:

Note to talent agents:  Please don’t all bombard me at once. I’m very busy with my amateur YouTube career. But feel free to send potential acting jobs katy@katyinacorner.com.

So, I’m dying to know, have you ever cried after a “dramatic” haircut?

One day I’ll tell you all about the perm heard ’round the world…


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Comments to "If Google Glass was a Haircut (VIDEO)"

  1. Debbie

    September 6, 2013

    Katy! I can’t even read the post because of the huge block of social media links along the left side of the page!!

  2. Dona

    September 6, 2013

    You are hilarious. I HAVE had those haircuts….when I was a kid. But really had no say in the matter. So now, at 66, my hair is past my butt. But I put it in a grani-bun so you can’t see it. HA! I beat “the haircut”!

  3. Marianne

    September 6, 2013

    Hey Katy…. what DOES it look like looking “thru”? (not sure it’s the right word) “in”? “with”? the Google Glass? What is that you see???? Just like a computer screen, but right nect to your eye balls???? :-O

  4. Maggie

    September 6, 2013

    OK, that was one of your funniest yet. I love it!! Excellent humor. I felt the same way when I tried a “neckerchief” (circa 1998) for the first time. Exactly what I asked for, but too dramatic. I guess only French women can pull off a scarf knotted on their neck.

  5. Robyn

    September 8, 2013

    This was one of your best videos ever, you said ALL the things I have said in the past with every bad haircut I’ve had. And with the same emotion!! The last bad haircut I had my husband said “I don’t think it looks much different that usual.” Seriously? I was in tears and you think it looks like usual??

    • Katy in a Corner

      September 11, 2013

      Hahahaha! I’ve only actually cried about one haircut, but it was a doozy. A perm. In college. Bad, bad, bad idea. 🙂


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