My Professional Background - Once upon a time, I wanted to be a motivational speaker. Actually, I was a professional motivational speaker for about 5 years.:

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BIG News & BloggyCon

If I’m being 100% honest with y’all, I’d have to say that I reluctantly went to BloggyCon ’14 at Cedar Point this past weekend. Veeeeeeery reluctantly. So much so that I was tempted to call the event organizer and just lay out for her all of the reasons I didn’t want to go:

  1. We just moved from Kansas to Georgia.
  2. My husband will be jobless in approximately two weeks.
  3. I came down with a severe cold the day before we were supposed to leave.
  4. We planned to drive 768 miles to Sandusky, Ohio and back again. Because, you know, we haven’t spent enough time in the car lately.
  5. Cedar Point has always been on my bucket list, but I wasn’t going to be able to actually enjoy myself there.

[Well, that’s a negative attitude. Why couldn’t Katy enjoy herself at one of the happiest places on earth?]

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How to Drive Your Parents Crazy: Toddler Edition

They’re baaaaaaaaaaaack!

[What’s back?]

The McRib sandwich at McDonald’s!

I’m just kidding. I’ve never eaten a McRib in my life. But if you’re a fan, I did find this handy dandy website that records McRib “sightings” all across our great nation.

You can thank me in 15 years when all 70 McRib ingredients have processed out of your colon.

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Speed Trap:  A One-Woman Show

Remember my Labor Day post about how Brian got pulled over in a speed trap for the billionth time this year? And remember how I said I would reenact that in a one-woman show about it? And remember how I vowed to never travel in the car with any of them again until one of them learns to stop speeding and two of them learn to defecate in a toilet and to quit whining nonstop?

Feast your eyes, my friends.

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My Google Glass Experience

Some of you may have picked up on all the hubbub on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, but Brian and I dashed off to New York City last Saturday for a pretty exciting opportunity. I was selected to join the Google Glass Explorer Program.

Now, In case you are like me and never really know what’s happening until your mom calls to tell you, I’ll give you a quick overview of what that all means:

1)  Google invented a wearable computer. It looks like a pair of glasses. They call it Google Glass (or “GLΛSS” if we’re getting really specific).

2)  Google then chose a select number of people to beta test this new technology. These people are called “Explorers.”

3)  Google thought, “Who better to wear GLΛSS than a stay-at-home mommy blogger who basically watches cartoons all day and will probably post ridiculous videos of herself using our groundbreaking technology incorrectly?”

Naturally, I was invited to join the Google Glass program.

I believe it was because of all my experience with cartoon explorers—thanks, Dora!

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12 Things I've Learned about Professional Blogging

I don’t know if I ever told y’all this, but Katy in a Corner is actually my third blogging venture.

[Wow. So, third time’s a…Dirty Dancing parody? That is just sad.]

My first blog (or what I called an online journal at the time) went live in 2003 and was entitled, “Postcards from Leeds.” It chronicled my year abroad as an ambassadorial scholar for the Rotary Foundation. I was a serious professional back when I was 22.

I've Got French Cuffs

You know what this photo says? “Look out, world. I’ve got French cuffs, and I know how to use them.”

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How to Potty Train in a Year and a Half

Do y’all remember a few weeks ago when I was fussing on Facebook about potty training and how I should just write a book called, How to Potty Train in a Year and a Half?

Best seller in the making

Okay, well, it’s finally happening. I can’t believe it!

All that time spent neglecting my children and focusing on my many, many personal talents has finally paid off.

[Let me guess, you’re finally joining the circus?]

I have a book deal!

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I had the incredible opportunity to team up with Anna Luther from My Life and Kids and Kerry Rossow from HouseTalkN to bring you a career-ending vlog entitled “Networking Tips for Professional Bloggers.”

Wait…no. I meant career-broadening.

Dang you, Sigmund Freud.

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Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman

Ladies and Gentleman (dad),

Brian and I had the incredible opportunity to spend the weekend in Chicago at BlogHer ’13 with 5,000 of my favorite, female bloggers.

Hellooooooooo, ear plugs!

Brian went to Walgreens the first night we were there to purchase headache medicine. Kid you not. I don’t think he’s ever been around that many women at one time. It was a bit of sensory overload for him.

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I just can’t get motivated to write a blog about the vlog I made about how to get motivated to vlog and/or blog.

So, I’ll have to ask you to just enjoy this short vlog instead of a blog. Because I’m a slob.

(That was a stretch.)

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