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BIG News!

No, I’m not pregnant. 

Just wanted to answer that question before you even have time to ask it. Trust me, when/if I’m pregnant again, you will immediately see shares of Krispy Kreme soar 800 percent.

Give or take.

This BIG news is not quite as life-altering as giving birth, but it is (in my experience) no less stressful. By the way “stressful” for me is both exciting/fun and terrifying at the same time. I actually enjoy a certain level of stress in my life.

Probably because I just love the taste of Pepcid.

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It has become a ritual of mine to take photos of the cemetery here on Fort Leavenworth at various times of day, in different seasons, on holidays, and under certain weather conditions. There’s something about the pristine uniformity of this military cemetery that makes it so beautiful to me. And never is that more true than when the grounds are covered in a blanket of clean, undisturbed snow.

Blanket of Freedom

I look at the innumerable headstones and remember that each one represents a living soul:  a man, woman or (in some cases) teenager who was willing to take an oath to defend our nation against our enemies.

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Motherhood:  Not for the Faint of Stomach

I hopped in the car with the kids on Monday for a week-long trip to the booming metropolis of Knob Noster, Missouri. Yes, since you asked, we do lead glamorous lives.

Brian is working in Knob Noster all week, and I thought it would be a sanctifying experience if the kids and I joined him there for five days in a military hotel. I woke up with no alarm at 6:30 a.m. on Monday (seriously, that’s a miracle in and of itself) with a list of things I needed to accomplish before our 4:00 p.m. estimated departure. I wanted to wait until after Averi’s nap to hit the road, and I knew I would need every bit of the morning and afternoon to pack for a week in a hotel with two toddlers.

Did I mention it is a one bedroom hotel?

I was shooting for super-sancitifed. 

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Well, since we seem to have a “crime and punishment” theme going on this week, I thought I’d publish the photo below for your viewing pleasure and for my parents’ inevitable disappointment in my parenting skills.

Geographic Irony

I have 4 observations.

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As you may have already gathered, my husband is in the military — the Air Force to be exact. But we currently live on an Army Post in Leavenworth, Kansas.

Yup. THAT Leavenworth.

I knew nothing about Leavenworth when we moved here except that they had some prisons — both a federal one and the military one on post. Also, I knew that we were probably as far away from a beach as you can get in the good ‘ole U.S. of A. Unless you enjoy waterless beaches, which I do not. And after his time in the Middle East, neither does my husband.

I have learned in the course of nearly one year here that Leavenworth is actually a lovely town with awesome antique stores, friendly people, a dentist’s office I want to visit daily, and at least one extra-attentive Parking Enforcement Officer.

I’m not bitter…

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You know what’s way more fun than Disney World and costs almost as much?

A trip to the dentist.

Recently, I bit the bullet (no pun intended) and made an appointment for an oral cleaning/pressure washing. It had literally been years since I’d been to the dentist.

I know, I know. But let me explain:  we just moved back from England.


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