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First World Problems

Since Brian and I made the decision to homeschool our little ones, I have kept my eyes and ears open for opportunities to broaden our kids’ experiences outside the home. Read: I may start eating paint chips if we spend all day every day inside the house. Thankfully, we live extremely close to Kansas City, which is full of great, educational ways to entertain the kids.

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No, I’m not pregnant, mom. Plus, I wouldn’t tell you this way. I would at least call you and tell you a knock-knock joke like I did the first time.

Not even kidding, people.

Anyway, YOU GUYS, I can’t believe I haven’t told you one of THE biggest things that has happened to us recently. I say “happened to us” because there are only a handful of things in my life that I do intentionally or on a set schedule. It’s just not my personality. Believe me, I wish it was my personality, but it isn’t.

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Sisterhood of the "Single" Moms

In all the excitement of my in-laws’ visit, I didn’t have time to share with you what happened the day before they arrived.

Two Thursdays ago, around 6:30 p.m., I sat down at a favorite, local restaurant all by my lonesome. All by my glorious lonesome. Brian and I try to set aside time each week for me to run away from home so I can write, and I generally prefer restaurants over our local Starbucks—mainly because there is a “regular” at this Starbucks who insists on wearing headphones and singing Italian opera at the top of her tone-deaf lungs.

[Tone-deaf lungs? That makes no sense.]

If lungs could be tone-deaf, this woman should donate hers to science.

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The winner of the gorgeous gloves is…

Judi Miller:  “Love my sweaters & boots!!! A free 20 seconds, that’s all I had ;)

Congratulations, Judi! Contact katy@katyinacorner.com to claim your prizes.


Fall is in the air (literally) for us here in Kansas, and I got seriously bitten by the fashion bug this weekend.

Leggings and tunics and boot socks, oh my!

I spent the entire day Saturday at a local outlet mall—by myself—

Yeah, I can’t even finish that sentence it’s so beautiful.

By myself. That phrase deserves a sentence all its own. Actually, a whole line…

By myself.

Yeah, I think it needs caps lock, bold, italics, and an exclamation point.


[Overkill, lady. We get it.]

So, I walked around Legends Outlets in Kansas City…


And though I found some great deals and a few essential items to add to my wardrobe, there was nothing quite as detailed and beautiful as what I’m giving away today!

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Katy in Real Life, 1

Oh, hello there! Sorry, I didn’t hear you come in. I’m just in the kitchen where I always am…whipping up a batch of organic, gluten-free cookies with my perfectly well-behaved baby while I update my blog.

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Homeschool Dropout, Elephants

I get so excited about the idea of homeschooling our kids (who are now nearly 3 and 1 1/2). I imagine all the wonderful things I can show them and teach them. And then conversations like this cause me to question my credentials:

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Sometimes I think I’m still on the fence about this whole idea of homeschooling our kids (now 2 1/2 and 1). I KNOW it’s what I want to do, I just don’t know if I’m cut out for it.

Here’s why:

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Remember how I said last week that my husband thought maybe I shouldn’t home school our kids because of the damage I could do? You don’t? Okay, well read this first.

So, in an effort to entice our almost 2 1/2-year-old to use the toilet rather than $10,000 worth of diapers or MY LEG, I bought him some nifty, Thomas the Train undies. He loved them. I was convinced this would work.

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She said WHAT?

This story is told with the permission of my friend as it pertains to her son. And even though I have changed names to protect the innocent, it’s one of those stories you don’t tell unless you ask the mother.

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