My Professional Background - Once upon a time, I wanted to be a motivational speaker. Actually, I was a professional motivational speaker for about 5 years.:
Maybe one day, when she’s finally able to speak in complete sentences, Averi will tell us what she’s thinking in this photo.

What She's Thinking

But, if I know my girl as well as I think I do, my guess would be this:

“Move over, losers, I found me a defenseless animal to torment.”

Kidding. I bet it’s more like this:

“Mom’s busy messing with her iPhone, so Imma make a run for it!”

That seems more legit. Or this:

“Don’t peek, JJ. Just keep your eyes closed and your head on the driveway, and everything will be fine. TRUST ME.”


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Comments to "What She’s Thinking"

  1. Dona

    October 25, 2013

    Or: “I’m the happiest girl in the world! Got a great bike, a cool mom and dad, and a beautiful day! Yep, don’t get any better than this!” At least that’s what her FACE says. The brain is another thing. Dona

  2. Kim

    October 25, 2013

    I think she is thinking how blissfully happy she is, she looks like she feels like she has all of the freedom in the world, and I imagine she will have the same look on her face when she drives the first time!


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