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Play Imitating Life

JJ spent the morning “driving Miss Averi” all around their pretend Kansas City in our living room.

“Averi, do you want to go to Union Station and play with Thomas the Train?”


“You do? Well, sorry. It’s closed.”

True story. The model rail exhibit at Union Station is closed for renovation. Which means that we can’t drive an hour from our house to let JJ play with a broken train table and thousands of broken train pieces. You know, the one that is exactly like the one we have in our basement.

We’re all pretty distraught about it.

JJ then drove Averi to another part of our living room and said, “Averi, do you want to go to the book store and play with trains?” This time, he means the train table at Barnes & Noble. Another one of those train tables that is exactly like the one we have at home — only with far more germs and bacteria.


“You do? Sorry. Not today.”

But it was when he took Averi to a drive-through coffee shop that I realized just how much their play imitates our life.

He said, “Averi, LOOK at all that coffee!”

She held up her miniature, enamel coffee mug and flatly said, “Wow.” After her previous two requests were denied, Averi wasn’t her usual enthusiastic self. But it was almost as though she knew that coffee deserved some type of exclamatory response. Even if she wasn’t in the mood to really “sell” it.

“Do you want some coffee?”


“Well, sorry.” JJ predictably sped away as Averi unleashed her disapproval.


Well, she gets that honestly.

Next thing we know they’ll be playing “Google that illness.”


Comments to "Play Imitating Life"

  1. Beth

    March 6, 2014

    This is too cute!!! Love y’all!!

  2. G-Man

    March 6, 2014

    Now that is funny!

  3. grammygoodwill

    March 6, 2014

    Hahaha. Your kids are so funny. My grandson would love that extra seat thing so his sister could drive him around their garage. They would probably only go to school as his big sister loves kindergarten.


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