My Professional Background - Once upon a time, I wanted to be a motivational speaker. Actually, I was a professional motivational speaker for about 5 years.:

Friends, I’m so excited to announce the newest Katy in a Corner staff member! As you can probably tell from the incredible professionalism and sheer volume of quality content we provide in our little “corner” of the web, we have a pretty enormous staff.

We have the “face” of the blog:  yours truly. I provide the riveting accounts of my daily life and the lives of my family members. I strive to keep you up-to-date with groundbreaking accounts of my bathroom breaks and solo trips to the grocery store. I’m proud of the work I do here because I know that I am literally changing lives with my frequent Starbucks cup photos (see above). It’s truly humbling.That’s another venti, nonfat, two pump peppermint, two pump mocha, no whip, extra hot.

Consider yourself changed.

Then we have the “brains” of the blog:  my high school sweetheart. He’s also my husband. (But wouldn’t that be awkward if he wasn’t?) Brian makes sure I don’t click on something stupid and turn this into a SPAM free-for-all. He also proofreads every single post I write and tells me daily how creative and intelligent he thinks I am. And, with that, he may have singlehandedly mastered the art of foreplay.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand we just lost my dad.

Speaking of my dad, he’s the grammarian behind the blog. By that I mean that he is like the “Where’s Waldo?” champ of grammatical errors. He frequently calls, sends emails and texts to correct my mistakes, and for that I am honestly very grateful. I really don’t want people who don’t know me to think I’m a complete idiot. Because once they do meet me they’ll pretty much draw that conclusion. But still, most of my readers have never met me.

Then we have my toughest critic:  my mom. She’s tough not because she thinks I’m a talentless nincompoop (as far as I’m aware), but she’s tough because her sense of humor is totally different than mine. This is a typical conversation between my mom and me:

Me:  Hey, did you watch my video today?

Mom:  Yeah, I saw it.

Me:  Well…?

Mom:  It was fine.

Me:  Oh, crap. What’s wrong with it?

Mom:  Nothing. I said it was fine.

Me:  You might as well have said it was horrible!

Mom:  Don’t be so dramatic.

Me:  I’M DRAMATIC? Who do you think raised me?

Mom:  Katy, it was FINE. Just let it go.

Me:  I can’t let it go…just tell me what you HATED about it!

Mom:  I didn’t hate it. I just didn’t think it was very funny.

Me:  You didn’t think it was…did you even WATCH…what wasn’t funny about it?

Mom:  I just didn’t think it was funny. You know, you really need to work on your crying. It’s not very believable.

Me:  Mom, I was trying to be melodramatic. I’m not trying to win an Oscar, here.

Mom:  Oh. Well, good. Because you really need to work on your crying.

Me:  Mom, I’m not trying to…it’s just my style of…FINE. I need to go.

Mom:  Fine.

Me:  Fine.

Mom:  Bye, then.

Me:  Bye.

She’ll flat out tell me I’m not funny. My mom is like a sheet of glass she’s so transparent. And that’s what we love about her.

And before I bust on her too much, this is the same woman who flew me up to New York when I was 17 to audition at Juilliard because she believed I could “make it” on Broadway.

I’m 31 years old now. And while I don’t necessarily need my mother’s approval or anything, I do find it disturbing that she thinks that I’m “fine” and that Kathie Lee and Hoda are “just a hoot.” I just can’t compete with that. And as much as I love and admire my mother, I have decided that her style of humor is just…different than mine. Not worse (though we can argue the Kathie Lee and Hoda thing). Her sense of humor and mine are just different.

Oh, the things I learned in therapy.

(Huh. I didn’t mean to make that sound like a Dr. Seuss book, but I would totally buy that one for my kids. Maybe I’ll just write it.)

I do have to say, though, that the past two grammatical errors on my blog were caught by my mom, so she’s about to push my dad out of a job. A very competitive, non-paying job.

So, that’s pretty much our staff here at Katy in a Corner. I guess that “enormous staff” thing was a bit of an exaggeration. This is very much a mom & pop operation.

At least it was until I hired a heavily recruited, highly skilled new employee this week.

She’s motivated, she’s active, she’s informed, she’s organized, she’s PTA President, a soprano in the church choir, and she votes early in every election. Come to think of it, she’s pretty much everything that I am not.

I’ll wait and fully introduce her at a later date, but I couldn’t wait to give you a glimpse.

Katy in a Corner readers, meet Patricia Kathryn. But I call her Patty Kate (because she hates it).

Coming soon to a video series near you.

I guess I need to go buy myself one of those “World’s Best Boss” mugs now.


Comments to "World’s Best Boss"

  1. Leigh Ann

    November 2, 2012

    Umm…I’m frightened to say that’s EXACTLY how I take my Starbucks.
    And from the looks of it, we have the same van.
    My mom doesn’t find me remotely funny either. But I always assumed it was because I’m adopted.
    Hmmm…perhaps you have some questions to ask? Except you actually look like your family and I look like an alien intruder (read: hippie Jolly Green Giant) in my brood of short, dark-haired, petite, coudn’t-be-less-artsy-fartsy-if-they-tried clan.

    • Katy in a Corner

      November 6, 2012

      Great minds think alike! Or maybe just high maintenance ones…

  2. Erica Abarbanell

    November 2, 2012


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