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The "Weight" of Motherhood

In case you’ve never made the mistake of telling a toddler that Christmas is coming soon, I’ll give you a quick lesson in cognitive development.

Toddlers have NO concept of time. None.

In fact, toddlers have no sense of any type of measurement. We made the mistake of telling JJ a few weeks ago that he has grown so much recently and that he’ll soon be taller than daddy.

“Soon,” we said . . . like a bunch of stinking amateurs.

“WHEN will I be taller than daddy? Look, daddy, I’m almost as big as you! Daddy, I’m getting tall. Yesterday, I’ll be as big as you. Mommy, I’m alllllllllll the way this tall on daddy. Yesterday, I will get taller.”

And on. And on. And on.

JJ has become fixated on his size and how soon he can achieve his expected, NBA-worthy stature. If the doctors’ estimates are accurate, we’ll have to get a ladder to look him in the eye when he reaches adulthood.

One evening last week, JJ came into our bathroom while I was washing my face.

“Mommy, come look at how BIG I’m getting.”

He motioned to our bathroom scale. He stepped on the scale, and I read aloud his weight.

“Forty pounds! You must be eating lots of vegetables. You’re getting as big and strong as daddy! You know, you should eat more protein so you can keep growing.”

This is called brainwashing.

“Mommy, let’s see how big you’re getting.”

“Oh, um . . . okay. This should be fun.” It was a bit forced, I’d admit. I placed my feet on the scale and announced the number to JJ.

“Whoa! That is BIG. You must eat a LOT of vegetables.”

JJ then squatted down and pointed to the 280 pound mark at the end of the scale.

“Maybe yesterday you’ll be THIS BIG!”

I could hear Brian’s laughter in the next room, but he was smart enough to keep any comments to himself.

“Maybe I will, sweetheart. Maybe . . . .”

Well, if you’ll excuse me, I need to abruptly end this post. I’m a very busy woman. I made the mistake of whipping up 2 dozen Candy Bar Cupcakes, and I need to walk past them several times before I succumb to temptation and eat 13 1/2 of them. And then later I’ll probably smash our bathroom scale. And burn my skinny jeans.

Busy, busy.

Oh, and don’t worry. I’ll publish the SUPER EASY recipe for the cupcakes later this week.

If I’m going down (er…up), I’m taking y’all with me. 

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Comments to "The “Weight” of Motherhood"

  1. Katy's Mama

    April 15, 2014

    I love that!! It is so funny how our perspective changes. When you’re little (young) you want to be big & old, and when you are big (OLD) you want to be young and little!!!

  2. Sarah

    April 15, 2014

    Candy Bar Cupcakes sound AWESOME!
    Sarah recently posted…Lulu, 27 MonthsMy Profile


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