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Raising the Roof

Thanks in large part to your advice and encouragement last week, our home inspection on Monday went as well as we had hoped. There were some minor things that will require our further attention, but the great news is that (as far as we can tell) they were all minor things. Our inspector spent three hours with us and patiently talked us through everything we need to know as we prepare for future maintenance and repairs.

Raising the Roof

Bye bye furniture budget! 

Hello new roof in approximately 8-10 years!

Since we’re now saving/raising monies for routine home repairs, you could say we’re “raising the roof.”

[That’s probably the corniest thing I’ve ever read.]

The best part about the inspection was that we were finally able to show “our” house to the kids. Our poor, transient kids who have literally lived in 7 different places within the past 4 years (counting extended hotel stays of 1 month or more). I wish I could describe how it felt to see their eyes light up when we showed them their new rooms. It was difficult to explain to them, however, that the things currently in the room would not remain.

Raising the Roof

Which is a shame because they got pretty attached to those High School Musical pillows.

Since I knew the inspector would spend a few hours at the new house with us, I came prepared with snacks and electronic devices to keep the kids entertained. Within an hour they were DONE with my diversions and looking for something else to do. I took them to the back yard where they flitted from one “fun” feature to the next.

“Mommy, there are stairs…in the middle of the grass!”

Raising the Roof

“Look at all this dirt!”

Raising the Roof

“I can run down the hill!”

“Mommy, I found an acorn!”

Raising the Roof

“Here’s another acorn . . . and ANOTHER one!”

For the next two hours, our kids ran around that yard and gathered acorns. Once their hands and pockets were full of them, I grabbed a few scented diaper sacks from the car for them to use. While Brian and I continued through the house with the inspector, they filled their bags almost completely full with acorns. And as we were loading up the kids (acorns and all) to leave, JJ let us know that they not only found acorns, they found “acorns with hats, just hats, and bald ones.”

And it was in that moment that I realized something important:  Our kids will never notice those “imperfections” that nearly kept us from buying this house. They will never notice the hairline cracks in the walls or the way that one kitchen cabinet doesn’t close just right. They won’t care if we ever figure out how to use all five shower heads in the master shower. Yeah, I said FIVE. Just noticed that on Monday for the first time. I got pretty excited.

I was like a kid with a scented sack full of acorns. 

What our kids will remember are the memories we make together in our dirt-filled, sloped yard with the ugly juniper bushes. They’ll remember the nights we laid on the 11-year-old carpet and read Bible stories. They’ll remember the meals we shared together at the kitchen counter that isn’t quite level.

[Ugh, someone has been watching too many Hallmark Channel movies.]

I left our home inspection with an incredible sense of gratitude. I’m grateful that God kept our little family together despite seemingly insurmountable odds. I’m grateful that the Lord has given Brian the desire, intelligence and ability to support our family so that we can purchase a home for the first time. I’m grateful that I have the choice to spend my time at home with our children. I’m grateful that we live in a great city with a WARM, sunny climate.

And I’m grateful that our home is less than 15 minutes from Hobby Lobby, T.J. Maxx, Starbucks, and about 67 Mexican restaurants.

Welcome home, Morgan family. Welcome home.

I hope to have more home-related posts in the near future as we solicit the help of my amazing mom/decorator. I see lots of home improvement projects in our future.

In the mean time, you can get your fix over at my favorite home improvement blog: Sawdust & Embryos. I’ve never met Beth personally, but I’ve been following and corresponding with her for a year or so now. Hers is on my very short list of blogs I read on a pretty regular basis.

(This is not an ad for Beth, by the way. I just have people ask me pretty often which are my favorite blogs. This is one of them.)

Do you have a favorite blog?

Besides the obvious one…People of Walmart.


Comments to "Raising the Roof"

  1. Beth @ Sawdust and Embryos

    November 20, 2014

    You are the SWEETEST! Thanks for the shoutout! And I’m so excited for your new home!

    • Katy in a Corner

      November 23, 2014

      Sooooooooo…when are you coming to Birmingham to help me with some DIY projects? I could use your pregnant, nesting self to motivate me.


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