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One of the many things I love about this blog is that it gives me the chance to interact and laugh with so many other parents who have either been through the phase of life I’m in or can remember it like it was yesterday. I can’t possibly describe how much it means when I get a message from a reader who says, “that happened to me” or “I know exactly how you feel. I want to dunk my head in a toilet daily!”

That’s what this blog is all about.

It’s a chance for me to share my life, my faith and try to bless as many people as I can while I’m here on earth. But, I probably receive a thousand times more encouragement from you, my readers.

Actually, this blog is a pretty selfish thing.

Because I’m sucking all the encouragement out of you and giving you, in return, photos of cat vomit in my front flower bed. If you didn’t already see that on my Facebook fan page, then here you go:


Now please enjoy the rest of your marshmallow Peeps.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand we just lost my dad.

Speaking of awesome photos, you guys had me CRACKING UP with all the “Parental Guidance Suggested” pre-discipline photos. If you didn’t catch that post with all of my fine parenting skills on display, you can check it out here.

I’m thrilled to share a few of my favorite reader-submitted photos with you now because…well, it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who says, “Children, you stop that RIGHT NOW. No, wait. Hang on…hooooooold it…[click]. Okay, stop it RIGHT. NOW.”

Jessica submitted this photo of her 15-month-old escape artist. And, I have to say, he and Averi should meet. They could sit around and watch Shawshank Redemption and compare child lock-breaking strategies.


“Child-proof, schmild-proof. I eat cabinet locks for breakfast!”

The next photo is from Rachel, and she says that her son was NOT coerced or locked in that cage. Just thought I should make that exceedingly clear.


He was, however, paid to stay there long enough to take the photo. He was paid in dog treats.

I’m kidding, y’all!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand we just lost Rachel.

Next, we have Cheri’s 4-year-old daughter who is a budding arborist, apparently. Or maybe a tree-house builder. Or a firewoman. This child is fearless!


This, by they way, is Averi in approximately two years. We’ll probably find her chilling on the roof one day eating shingles like, “What?!? Leave me alone! I like the way they taste!”

The next one is from another Rachel who will, like most of us, use any means necessary to get her child to eat. “Hot dog? Sure. Dipped in yogurt and rolled in coconut? Go for it. Milk in a wine glass? By all means!”


“Here, let me cut it into fun shapes and then sing you a song about hot dogs while I blow bubbles and stand on my head in an Elmo costume. Just EAT already!”

Here’s a fun one from Monica whose son decided to take this whole puberty business into his own hands.


Monica, please tell me that he did this in permanent marker. The day before yearbook photos. Because that is SO something that I would have done as a child. (Seriously. You can read about the Bill Cosby/scissor fiasco at the end of this post.)

Finally, I’m excited to share this one from Nicole, because I laughed so hard I was literally crying.


Can you think of anything more fun to a toddler than a dozen unopened bags of chips and a hard floor? Because I cannot. Nicole, I would have loved to see the glee in his eyes right before you caught him.

Was he not just in toddler paradise?

I want to send that cutie the biggest roll of bubble wrap I can find and say, “Go to town, little guy!”

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who sent in photos. I just laughed and laughed…

Because it’s WAY funnier when the child misbehaving isn’t mine.


“I have NO idea what she’s talking about, do you?”

“Nope. Not a clue. Pass the super glue, please.”


Comments to "Parental Guidance: Reader-Submitted Photos"

  1. Amanda

    June 28, 2013

    Too funny!  Thanks for sharing.  🙂

  2. Darcy Perdu

    June 28, 2013

    Adorable photos and funny captions! I love the hot dog in yogurt with the milk wine glass the best!

  3. Donna Saville

    June 28, 2013

    THIS is why I don’t have a sliding glass door! They already figured out the front door and they’re only 22 mos. Evil little monsters. 😀 Adorable pics!!! The kid in the tree scared the hell out of me though. Zoooomg!!


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