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I just realized this morning that yesterday was National Siblings Day—or, as I like to call it, Opposites Day. I can’t think of a person on earth who is more my opposite than my big brother, Drew.

Me and My Brother

Thankfully, we share the same Biblical values . . . but that’s pretty much where the similarities end.

He’s high-energy.
I’m looooooow-energy.

He’s constantly on the move.
I barely move.

He lives for sports.
I could live without them.

He LOVES to watch the news.
I DESPISE the news.

My brother is the type who would walk up to Augusta National, find an open gate, walk through it, snap some photos, get kicked out, and consider it a great experience.

I’m the type who would walk up to Augusta National, find an open gate, call a security guard over to me, attempt to sweet-talk my way onto the course, get denied, get kicked out, and consider it a horrible experience.

It’s funny to me that the two of us were created and raised by the same two parents.

I was pondering this shortly after I snapped the following photo of our kids at a Chick-fil-A playground this past week.

Opposites Day

JJ is literally in the corner of the play area biting his fingernails (a habit we can’t get him to break). He did spend some time running and playing, but he frequently stopped and told us he was “just resting.” Like me, his energy comes in short spurts, and he often enjoys watching the action from a distance.

Averi, on the other hand, is just wild.

Wild Child


She loves to play with other children and especially her big brother (who she generally has to drag out of the corner).

Nobody Puts JJ in a Corner

Like me and my brother, these two are complete opposites.

Like me and my brother, they know exactly which buttons to push to annoy the ever loving mess out of each other.

And like me and my brother, they love each other fiercely.

Happy Belated Sibling/Opposites Day, big brother. I love/love to annoy you!

Giveaway Winner Announcement:

Congratulations to Loretta who said, “Jessica’s cards are just lovely! If I won, I would certainly use 2 of the cards to thank my children (and their spouses) for surprising me on my birthday with a personalized version of our favorite book to read when they were little: ‘A Day At the Beach.'”

I’ll be in touch to find out where I can ship your lovely cards!

Thanks to everyone for your participation and encouragement this week. Hope you all have a FANTASTIC weekend!


Comments to "Opposites Day (and Giveaway Winner Announced!)"

  1. PappyJack

    April 11, 2014

    Nice blog! Perhaps you should change the name of this blog to “JJ in a Corner”! Just a thought! My brother and I are much more similar, I think. One year, at Christmas, he and I got each other the exact same gift. That was really funny and weird. We constantly say the same things at the same time (at least when we are in the same room). Not sure if that’s true when I am home and he is at his house in Blairsville. It’s pretty crazy … 🙂

  2. Katy's Mama

    April 11, 2014

    Sweet Post. Your Dad and I love it! Great picture of you and Drew and the kids!!


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