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I’m just going to be really honest and tell you that motherhood kicked my butt this week.


We didn’t really experience the “Terrible Twos” with JJ, but we have officially entered the “Tyrannical Threes.” It seems that meltdowns are the norm rather than the exception, and this entire week has been a battle of the wills.

Like a cage match.

JJ:  Can I watch a movie?

Me:  No.

JJ:  I wanna watch a movie!

Me:  No.


Me:  JJ, you’ve already watched an hour [or four] of TV today. STOP asking.

JJ:  Can I watch a movie…please?

Me:  I said NO!!! If you ask again, you’re going straight to timeout.

JJ:  Mama, I love you.

Me:  I love you too, honey.

JJ:  Can I have a big hug?

Me:  Of course!

JJ:  Can I watch a movie?


JJ:  Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatch a mooooooooooooooooooovie!

It finally got to the point last night where I had to drag JJ up the stairs kicking and screaming. Which is frustrating with any child. But when your toddler is a giant man-baby, it actually gets pretty dangerous.

We finally made it up the stairs—with both children screaming bloody murder—and into his bed with no major (physical) damage. But JJ still refused to sleep. He fought it, he wouldn’t lay down, he cried, he whined, he yelled, he kicked, and then…


…we both quit. (Notice, he still wouldn’t lay down.)

Point for JJ.

Shortly before Brian snapped that photo, I put a screaming Averi to sleep only to find her this morning with no sheet on her bed (the part you see is the bottom half of those zip-on sheet sets).


I guess I didn’t notice last night in the throes of dueling tantrums that I forgot to replace it.

Her mattress is that waterproof, noisy vinyl which I’m sure wasn’t very comfortable. And you can see in this photo that she’s sporting about 30 pounds of pee in that size 4 diaper. Sooooo, that explains the screams you all heard throughout the night.

“Um…YEAH I’m in a bad mood! It’s like I slept all night on a noisy, wet tarp!”

Motherhood:  nailed it.


Comments to "Motherhood: Nailed It"

  1. Cheri Burnett

    June 21, 2013

    Oh my kids sleep in their own beds!
    ….what I never told anyone was do did I! 😉 Your pic reminded me of that.

  2. Darcy Perdu

    June 21, 2013

    hilarious photos!

    • katyinacorner

      June 21, 2013

      @Darcy Perdu Thank you, ma’am! I can only take credit for one of them. Brian sniped me last night. 🙂

  3. Katy in a Corner

    June 21, 2013

    Brianne Sweetland, I was not warned. I was ambushed.

  4. LaLa

    June 21, 2013

    so…”how to write a successful blog”:  humor (check), good grammar (check), great digital camera that you keep around your neck at all times (check).  You rock girl!!  Hilarious and yes, we were more terrible in this house at three than two.  Maggie still in the throws of it.  God speed!!

    • katyinacorner

      June 21, 2013

      @LaLa Thank you, thank you! I find that if you take a photo or video mid-tantrum, it is much more tolerable. This is why my hard drive is now completely full. 🙂

  5. Adrienn

    June 22, 2013

    Yup…we had no terrible twos, only terrible threes, and terrible fours and even terrible fives!  You’re definately not alone momma!

    • katyinacorner

      June 22, 2013

      Adrienn WAIT, THERE’S MORE?!?!?!? Adrienn, at least give me some hope that this will end soon!

      • Adrienn

        June 22, 2013

        katyinacorner Adrienn It could.  I mean my 12 year old is usually a gem, although she’s entering adolescence so she gets my sympathy…BUT my 10 year old. Yea. We’re still waiting for that “terrible somethings” to end.  Is there such a thing as terrible tens? Yes, there is.  They call it “tweens” to make it sound cute.  It’s not cute.

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