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Made in China (& an apology to the Chinese Government)

Dear Chinese Government,

In a blog post last week, I said this:

“Believe it or not, even this silly, little blog is banned in China. Which makes sense because access to mommy blogs is pretty high on the list of ways to completely corrupt a nation.”

And then I got a comment on that post from my friend in China that said this:

“I ACTUALLY can be on your blog.”

It seems that I now owe you an apology for speaking out of turn about your censorship of American blogs. So . . . (*sigh*), I apologize for speaking out of turn about your censorship. Though I know you do censor lots of other stuff. But I apologize for assuming that you censor my blog. Even though you do still censor my emails. At least I assume you do. But that’s not what this apology is about right now. This apology is about me saying . . . seriously, why do you have to censor my emails? I don’t send instructions for how to assemble a bomb or anything. You should see me try to assemble a kite, for Pete’s sake! I send photos of my kids. Is that a matter of national security? Please just let me talk to my friend.


Katy Morgan


I’ll let you guess who is the very best apologizer in my household:

“Well, sweetie, I’m sorry you forgot to remind me to eat, and I was forced to snap at you because of it.”

Nailed it.

In all seriousness I was FLOORED to get this message from Genii on my blog last week:

Reader's comment

It’s thrilling to know that my precious friend can access my blog — even though I’m certain it will deter her from motherhood if she digs around in here too much. Genii, just don’t read any of the posts about potty training or road trips.

Trust me. 

I’ll share one more story about my lovely friend before I leave her and the Chinese government alone for a while.

As I mentioned last week, Genii and William live in Shanghai, the Chinese equivalent to New York City. She works for Stella McCartney now, and she has always had her hand on the pulse of high fashion.

As is her way, Genii came to Indiana with gifts for us all. She brought a beautiful box full of tea for me and Brian and clothes for the kids. Not just any clothes, though. She brought Stella McCartney, designer clothes.

Stella McCartney kids clothing

Y’all, IT HAS POCKETS. Averi is obsessed with pockets.

Genii also brought a pair of yellow pants and a super cool t-shirt for JJ. I’ll have to snap some photos of him in it so you can see my little hipster. Though, if JJ starts listening to indie rock and requesting Pabst Blue Ribbon in his sippy cup, I’ll veto those pants SO FAST.

As you would expect from a fashionista (and the husband of a fashionista), Genii and William were dressed head to toe in designer apparel. I had forgotten about Genii’s expensive taste in accessories until Averi asked to wear her sunglasses.

Averi with Miu Miu glasses

Cute, right? Except that those are Miu Miu (not to be confused with the ever-fashionable muumuu) and cost more than all the contents of JJ and Averi’s closets combined. Well, unless you look in there now and see their new Stella McCartney apparel.

Later that day (and unbeknownst to me) JJ grabbed William’s sunglasses from the kitchen counter and began to run around the house with them.

JJ, meet Prada.

JJ, meet Prada.

I wanted to announce, “Will all of my children PLEASE remove the $500 accessories from their faces? Thank you!”

Genii and William didn’t flinch at all while the kids paraded around the house wearing their designer apparel. In fact, Genii was downright impressed with Averi’s fashion sense:

Averi:  “What’s that?”

Genii:  “That is a cashmere coat.”

Averi:  “Sooooo soft!”

Genii:  “Yes, it is. You know your quality fabrics!”

Averi loves cashmere

Well, super.

Garage sale Baby Gap clothes don’t feel so luxurious after Genii’s visit. 

And speaking of things that are made in China, Vietnam, and/or Cambodia, I had a very difficult time coming up with what to buy Genii and William for a wedding gift. I wanted something they could use that would remind them of their honeymoon in America. The only trouble is that most everything here is made over there, and I didn’t have time to have something custom made from Etsy or my mom (who is like Etsy, only free).

I racked my brain for days before they arrived:

Should I get them an appliance? No, they wouldn’t work in Chinese outlets.

What about clothing? No, I can’t afford what they would like. Also, most are made in China.

Linens? Made in China.

Dishes? Made in China.

Silverware? Made in China.

Home decor? Made in China.

I was almost out of options until I found a tiny gift shop in Crawfordsville, Indiana that advertised “primitive decor” on their sign. It seemed promising, so Brian and I stopped to browse the day before Genii and William arrived. The store owner pointed us to a beautiful lantern that was actually hand-made in Indiana.

When I presented it to Genii and William, they were both so gracious and appreciative. They oohed and aahed over the design and the quality of the lantern. They talked about where they would showcase it and what they could put inside it. Genii jokingly suggested a goldfish. (At least I think she was joking.)

As Genii carefully packed the gift away for its long trip back to Shanghai, she turned to me and said, “You know, this lantern actually looks very Chinese!”

Game. Set. Match. China.


Comments to "Made in China (and an Apology to the Chinese Government)"

  1. Robyn

    April 30, 2014

    I am sitting in the Delta/Air France lounge in Paris reading your blog (flying back to Atlanta in 2 hours) and I am laughing my head off! Your children have been introduced to Prada and Stella McCartney, you are in huge trouble. This is one of your funniest blog posts, ever, thank for making me smile:-)

  2. Rachel Fish

    April 30, 2014

    I love your writing, every time!

  3. Dona

    April 30, 2014

    What a great post! Thanks for introducing us to your friends. Loved this, but “it looks Chinese” really cracked me up! I guess some things are universal!

  4. Cyndi

    April 30, 2014

    I love that you and Genii reconnected after all these many years. Hopefully this visit will be the start of many more to come! And I love, love, love Averi’s Stella McCartney dress. A young Fashionista in training for sure.


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