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A Hotel Snob in New York City

As many of you may have noticed from my social media pages, Brian and I jetted off to New York City Saturday morning and returned to Kansas on Sunday evening. The purpose of our trip was blog-related [update: read more about my experience with Google Glass here], but we did our best to soak up the city while we were there.

And by “soak up” the city, I mean that I ended up sneezing black stuff for a solid 24 hours after we returned home.

[Well, that was an unnecessary detail.]

Seriously, New Yorkers, how do you deal with all that smog? It’s so suffocating!

Wait, I know how. It’s the food. The glorious food!

Mmmm…I could really go for some Bareburger right about now.

New York City Bareburger

Enough about the food, though. That’s not what stresses me out about traveling to New York. The purpose of this post is to tell you more about our hotel. Because I like to talk to fellow hotel snobs before I spend the equivalent of a mortgage payment on a hotel room.

That’s why.

Here’s the scoop:  I have a MAJOR dislike for hotel beds (have you seen Dateline NBC?), and just the thought of sleeping in one causes me anxiety. Add to that the fact that we got bed bugs when we were in Spain a few years ago, and I nearly have a full-fledged phobia.

So, you can understand how impossible it is for me to decide on a hotel in a place like New York City. I’m completely overwhelmed with the thousands of choices, I’m shocked by the prices, and I’m concerned that the hotel conveniently Photoshops the blood stains from the carpets (again, thank you, Dateline).

[A hotel snob? You’re more like THE hotel snob!]

But, I found a hotel online I thought for sure was a winner. And I was soooooo right.

I LOVE it when that happens!

Here’s The Muse Hotel (a Kimpton boutique hotel) located at 130 W 46th St.

The Muse Hotel Lobby

I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s one of the nicest hotels I’ve ever paid for myself. My amateur, cellphone photos don’t do this place justice.


It was clean, it was sleek, and it was cheap (comparatively speaking). At $220/night (plus tax), you really can’t beat it in New York City. Not when you’re less than a block from Times Square.

We were somehow upgraded to a larger, handicap accessible room with a sitting area and wide, pocket doors.

The Muse Hotel New York sitting room

I think the guy who checked us in had a soft spot for mommy bloggers.

[The likelihood of that is approximately 0%.]

Oh, hello there!

The Muse Hotel New York City bedroom

As you can see from the photo above, our view was crap, but we were on the 9th floor and away from the street noise. The room was clean, the bed was incredibly comfortable, and they even had a yoga mat in the closet. I wasn’t going to complain about the view.

The bathroom was great—marble details, spa toiletries, great fixtures, and…

The Muse Hotel New York City bathroom

…how YOU doin’? Seriously, they had me at zebra-striped bathrobe.

The Muse Hotel New York City bathrobe

My only regret is that we didn’t plan to stay longer. I could have spent a month in this place.

Though I would have needed an oxygen tank withing 72 hours. Ugh, THE SMOG!

Do you have a hotel phobia? Would zebra print cure you as well?


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