As Brian and I near the end of our carefree parenting days in a man-to-man defense and move into a zone defense, it seems fitting to publish the rest of our family/maternity photos. It’s difficult for me to imagine how different our lives will look and feel this time next week.

Family Photos

I had an OB appointment this past Tuesday, and I AM actually making some progress in the laboring department. So, it appears that you all should hear some baby news from us by the end of next week if not sooner, Lord willing!

Family Photos Family Photos Until then, I’ll leave you with this post full of wonderfully sentimental photos.

Family Photos Family Photos

As I mentioned in other posts, these photos were taken by a dear, childhood friend of ours, Bethany Corvos of Little Peach Studio. I don’t have many childhood memories of church that don’t involve Bethany. She’s been a friend to both me and Brian since we were kids. And now we all have children of our own. How is that even possible?

Family Photos

The location of the photos is also of great sentimental value to us. Brian and I were high school sweethearts who met at Heritage High School in Conyers, Georgia. These photos were taken in Olde Town Conyers in the building next door to where we had our wedding reception.

Family Photos

This is now a very cool salon owned by a very dear friend of ours, Allison (Alli) Roberts. Alli is a high school friend of ours who sang at our wedding in 2005. And according to Brian, she was the catalyst in our relationship waaaaaaay back in 1999. Since I barely passed Chemistry, Brian explained to me that a catalyst is a substance that causes a chemical reaction to happen more quickly. Basically, Brian was going to ask me out at some point…but Allison just allowed it to happen much faster. I love you for that, Alli.

Family Photos

On the walls around the salon, you can see artwork by Jessica Rollins (Allison’s sister). Yet another dear friend of our family, Jessica’s incredible artwork can be found in my parents’ house and even on this here blog thing. Remember those adorable, hand-drawn cards I gave away one time? Those are Jessica’s handiwork. She’s an amazing talent and a precious friend to our family as well.

Family Photos

When I look at these photos, I don’t see just a family of 4—very soon to be a family of 5. I see a family who has been blessed with a community of friends and family who have supported us since Brian and I had our first date over 16 years ago.

Family Photos Family Photos

Sixteen years. We were just kids then. And now we have kids of our own.

Family Photos Family Photos Family Photos

If I had to choose a favorite, this last one takes the cake. I can’t handle the sweetness contained in this photo. It sums these two up just perfectly.

I can’t wait to share more sentimental family photos in the days and weeks to follow! Please stay tuned to my social media pages (like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) to get the latest baby news. I doubt I will have time to publish a blog post from the hospital.

Until then, I’ll just be bouncing around on my yoga ball trying to keep this back labor at bay as long as humanly possible. Whoever assigned the term “labor” to this phase of pregnancy sure knew what they were doing.


Comments to "Family Photos"

  1. G-Man

    March 20, 2015


    Great pictures! Also, nice March Madness analogy with the man-to-man to zone defense reference. I guess you were listening to your coach during your rec basketball career. 🙂

    • Katy in a Corner

      March 20, 2015

      I KNEW you would appreciate the basketball reference, dad. And, yes, we were quite the dream team back in the day. We were like Georgia State’s coach and his son. Except you’re a bit more passionate, and I never could make a layup. It’s been fun to have Brian force me to listen to and watch March Madness updates every night.

  2. Kathleen

    March 20, 2015

    Beautiful pictures and your children are so precious. All God’s blessings to your family as you wait excitedly for the newbie. My sister has five, two girls and three boys ages 4 to 13. The anticipation of each birth never lessened! Babies are one of God’s reminders that He loves us, life is beautiful and He is in control.

  3. Katy's Mama

    March 20, 2015

    Love the pictures! Excited to meet our new little one.

  4. Judi

    March 20, 2015

    Absolutely LOVE ❤️


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