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I know I’ve mentioned before that we party like rock stars on our weekly date night, but it never ceases to amaze me how relaxing a trip to Chipotle, Target, Barnes & Noble, or the proctologist can be when no children are FREAKING OUT in your ear because they ran out of milk.

(Did she just say proctologist?)

We don’t usually visit the proctologist on date night. I just said that for dramatic effect. But that even made me uncomfortable. So I’ll stop.


I look so forward to weekly date nights with Brian. Like me, he loves nothing more than Mexican food and a lot of business talk.

Honestly, does it get any more unromantic than that?

Maybe for a proctologist.

(Aaaaaaaaand we just lost my dad. Record time, I think.)

Back to date night.

Last week, we ended up at Barnes & Noble again. I headed over to the “Psychology” area of the store for NO PARTICULAR REASON, and I came across this:

I’m pretty familiar with the topic. I do share DNA with some highly-intelligent (genius, even), fully functional adults with ADHD. Several, actually.

Anyhow, I picked up this shrink wrapped book on Adult ADHD…and I couldn’t stop laughing.

NO OTHER BOOK on that shelf was shrink wrapped. This was the only one. I wondered what scenario transpired that caused Barnes & Noble to say, “That’s it! We hereby decree that all Adult ADHD books will be shrink wrapped henceforth and forevermore.”

They probably made this decision because my family members were all sitting in Barnes & Noble around closing time, clutching “Succeeding with Adult ADHD” and screaming, “Noooo! I HAVE to finish it!”

What’s next Barnes & Not-So-Noble?

Germ-laced books about OCD?

Double-sided books about bipolar disorder?

Wait, I think I’m on to something here…


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