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How to Drive Your Parents Crazy: Toddler Edition

They’re baaaaaaaaaaaack!

[What’s back?]

The McRib sandwich at McDonald’s!

I’m just kidding. I’ve never eaten a McRib in my life. But if you’re a fan, I did find this handy dandy website that records McRib “sightings” all across our great nation.

You can thank me in 15 years when all 70 McRib ingredients have processed out of your colon.

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If you’ve been around this blog for more than a millisecond, you may have noticed that I’m not the world’s greatest—how should I put this…?


…homemaker. I’m not much of a homemaker.

Sure, I love to decorate. Sometimes. Though, you should probably disregard the picture frame that is the focal point in our living room. The one that currently sits between the piano and the Christmas tree. This frame contains the most darling photo of a young boy who probably made more money as a child model than I’ll ever make as a blogger.

Child Model

Yes, it’s the photo that came with the frame. It’s been that way for a year. Ever since I ripped up the photo that was originally in the frame.

But that’s another story for another day.

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The Lost & Found Letter

In case you’re wondering why my posts have been pretty infrequent around here, I’m now able to share with you the reason why. I have been working on a story so near and dear to my heart that I have poured all of my free time and energy into it. This is a story so incredible that I flew from Kansas back to Georgia to capture it.

It’s a story about my Grandmother, Geraldine “Gerry” Hinesley, and the man who was her first love.

A story about a letter she wrote and how it arrived 69 years later…

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So, I created this letter for my daughter, and now I’m SOBBING. I can’t even see to type. So, let’s just hope this is relatively free of errors.

I’m sobbing because:

1) our baby girl turns 2 today and

2) I was dumb enough to make a video montage to commemorate it.

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Perfect Foods = Perfect Kids

In all the years I’ve been blogging and using social media, I’ve learned several ways to engage readers and get a conversation started:

One is to talk about politics.

I don’t really do that any more. Because I very much dislike it when my blood reaches a boiling point.

Another is to talk about faith.

I do do that. Because I can’t separate my faith from the rest of me. So, either I talk about it, or I can’t talk at all.

[Yes, please. I vote for the latter.]

And another is to talk about food.

Because I don’t know a single person who doesn’t love to talk about, look at, post a photo of, or gobble up some delicious food. And, yes, I include those who pretend like they’ve never posted a photo of a froufrou dessert on social media. It’s okay to admit it. We’ve all done it.

[No, I’ve never done that. It’s stupid.]

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Speed Trap:  A One-Woman Show

Remember my Labor Day post about how Brian got pulled over in a speed trap for the billionth time this year? And remember how I said I would reenact that in a one-woman show about it? And remember how I vowed to never travel in the car with any of them again until one of them learns to stop speeding and two of them learn to defecate in a toilet and to quit whining nonstop?

Feast your eyes, my friends.

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If Google Glass was a Haircut

If you had a chance to catch my first ever Google Glass video, you may remember the part where I compared the entire New York experience to a hair appointment in a really swanky salon. And it truly was just like that. The different “stations” with mirrors and the ambiance had me itching to act like I was at a hair appointment and get video of the whole thing.

Me to Google Employee:  “Okay, so I’ll pretend like you just gave me a haircut—except that the “haircut” is Google Glass—and then I’ll just act really surprised and maybe cry a lot. Also, we’ll get it all on video and promote it to my millio—dozens of subscribers.”

Only, my Google Glass representative didn’t quite share my enthusiasm for improv.

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(I originally posted this last Labor Day, and it still gets me all fired up.)

No more feeling hopeless and helpless during one of the most important supporting roles of your life as a labor & delivery coach. Watch this video and learn how to shine as a birthing coach!

My Google Glass Experience

Some of you may have picked up on all the hubbub on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, but Brian and I dashed off to New York City last Saturday for a pretty exciting opportunity. I was selected to join the Google Glass Explorer Program.

Now, In case you are like me and never really know what’s happening until your mom calls to tell you, I’ll give you a quick overview of what that all means:

1)  Google invented a wearable computer. It looks like a pair of glasses. They call it Google Glass (or “GLΛSS” if we’re getting really specific).

2)  Google then chose a select number of people to beta test this new technology. These people are called “Explorers.”

3)  Google thought, “Who better to wear GLΛSS than a stay-at-home mommy blogger who basically watches cartoons all day and will probably post ridiculous videos of herself using our groundbreaking technology incorrectly?”

Naturally, I was invited to join the Google Glass program.

I believe it was because of all my experience with cartoon explorers—thanks, Dora!

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