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May 2014
BIG News!

No, I’m not pregnant. 

Just wanted to answer that question before you even have time to ask it. Trust me, when/if I’m pregnant again, you will immediately see shares of Krispy Kreme soar 800 percent.

Give or take.

This BIG news is not quite as life-altering as giving birth, but it is (in my experience) no less stressful. By the way “stressful” for me is both exciting/fun and terrifying at the same time. I actually enjoy a certain level of stress in my life.

Probably because I just love the taste of Pepcid.

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A Doctor's Worst Nightmare

Y’all may remember last year’s string of hypochondriacal posts like the one where I diagnosed myself with Bleeding Esophageal Varices and the one where I told you about my embarrassing trip to the ER. These are still two of my favorite video posts of all time. Probably because they’re both incredibly melodramatic and also exactly what happens inside my brain when I allow myself to visit WebMD without a chaperone.

It’s like unleashing a monkey inside a banana store.

[With metaphors like that, I can’t believe Katy hasn’t won a Pulitzer yet.]

If only they had a “blogging” category.

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9 Reasons We're Still Married 9 Years Later

I’m not gonna lie, I sometimes dry heave when I read social media anniversary updates from one spouse to another.

“Happy 4th Anniversary to my Schnookums! You are my everything. You are hotness incarnate. You are the reason I breathe. You are my oxygen.”

You are the reason I vomit. 

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Super-Duper Parenting Idea

I don’t often have great ideas when it comes to parenting/housekeeping/life in general, but when I do, I have to publish them here for the rest of you to behold. So, if you’re keeping track, this is “Super-Duper Parenting Idea” number . . . sorry, there are so many I can’t keep track. This is probably number . . . let me think. Number . . .

Let’s just start with 1 to keep it simple for everyone.

Basically, in 19 months as a mommy blogger, I have had ONE good, original idea. 

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A Weird Way to Wake Up

Let’s step back to nearly a MONTH ago when the four of us went to my in-laws’ farmhouse in Indiana. When my fashionable, Chinese friend and her husband spent their honeymoon with us. Before I had THREE children in my house asking 3 million questions an hour and eating 3 million pounds of peanut butter. I would like to finally tell you the rest of that story before I forget all of it and that space in my brain is replaced with VeggieTales lyrics.

“If it doesn’t have a tail, it’s not a monkey.
Even if it has a monkey-kind-of shape.
If it doesn’t have a tail, it’s not a monkey. If it doesn’t have a tail, it’s not a monkey. It’s an ape!”

Too late.

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I promise I haven’t forgotten about y’all. And I know that I STILL haven’t finished telling you about our trip to Indiana and our surprise visitors. I will do that soon, God willing. But our world became much busier this week when we invited my cousin’s 3 1/2-year-old daughter, Ginlee (pronounced Gin-lee, just like it’s spelled), to stay with us for the summer.


How adorable is she?

If you’re keeping track, we now have a 2-year-old, a 3-year-old, and a 4-year-old sleeping under our roof.

I use the term “sleeping” quite loosely.

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