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July 2013
Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman

Ladies and Gentleman (dad),

Brian and I had the incredible opportunity to spend the weekend in Chicago at BlogHer ’13 with 5,000 of my favorite, female bloggers.

Hellooooooooo, ear plugs!

Brian went to Walgreens the first night we were there to purchase headache medicine. Kid you not. I don’t think he’s ever been around that many women at one time. It was a bit of sensory overload for him.

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The Call Every Father Dreads

We spent last weekend in the North Georgia Mountains with my dad’s side of the family at our annual reunion entitled “The Hinesley Invitational Tournament.”

What? Doesn’t your family have an official name and embroidered polo shirts for all your reunions?


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Marriage Therapy

This week is an exciting one for me for several reasons:

1) We’re in Georgia visiting our families.

2) Tomorrow morning, Brian and I will hop on a plane to go to Chicago and leave our kids with my parents…for FIVE days.

3) I forgot what else I was going to say.

I can hardly sleep I’m so excited about this trip! We’re headed to Chicago for the annual BlogHer conference where I’ll be speaking on the topic, “5 Vlogging Hangups and How to Overcome Them.”

More on that later, though…

I want to share one more story with you from our trip to Mackinac Island, Michigan, that we took earlier this month. When we learned that the resort offered childcare, we were so. stinking. excited.

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Don’t even pretend you didn’t miss me last week because I know it isn’t true. You have literally been waiting by the computer for days to see if I had fun on my family vacation. Haven’t you?



[Maybe if we’ll ignore her, she’ll get over herself.]

Well, since you asked, I did have a wonderful time on Mackinac Island with Brian’s family. I repeat, I spent a WEEK on AN ISLAND with MY IN-LAWS.

And no one tried to swim away.

That we are aware of…

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I Need a Vacation

There are few things that my husband hates more than packing to go on a trip. He is one of those who would willingly take two screaming toddlers to Walmart on Saturday morning to buy feminine products if he knew it would make me smile. But, when it comes to packing his own suitcase, Brian becomes a bit less super-husband and a bit more…screaming toddler.

“I HAAAAAATE this! Will YOU do it for me? Pleeeeeeeeeeease?”

I know this tantrum well since it’s the same one I give him when I’m faced with a pile of dirty dishes. So, Brian has naturally become our resident Dish Fairy. And I’m our resident Packing Fairy.

We’re perfect for each other.

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The President of My Fan Club

I’ve had this dream of being a professional actress ever since the time in middle school when my brother hit me in the face, and I used my eyeshadow to “enhance” (i.e. create) a black eye. You know, so I could better illustrate how much Drew’s actions hurt me. So, the eyeshadow was a kind of metaphor for the bruising that took place in my heart.

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In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a bit of a clothes horse. I love the look and feel of a well-tailored dress. I walk taller (literally) in a cute pair of platform heels. I search far and wide until I find the right accessories. I may or may not sniff a new handbag after I purchase it just to take in that “new bag” smell.

Don’t judge.

But, we’re also on a bit of a fixed income. We have two kids in diapers, my husband is in the military, and I’m a stay-at-home mom.

You can do the math.

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