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November 2012

Dear Mustached Men of the World,

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When was the last time you typed something into a search engine and then thought to yourself, “What happens to this information?” I’m guessing…never. But did you know that every time you search a word or phrase, the owner of the site you click on after that search will know about it? Not only will they know that you found them through a search engine, they’ll know EXACTLY what you typed to find them.

Doesn’t this make you want to start punctuating?

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Will it totally blow your mind if I publish a “How-to Tuesday” video on a Monday?

Because I’m feeling like shaking things up around here.

So, here it is. The latest How-to, and it’s all about how to get out of the absolute worst Thanksgiving chore:  dish duty.

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Does anyone else feel like they’re watching an episode of Days of Our Lives with everything that has been going on with this whole General Petraeus scandal? It’s almost like Days of Our Lives meets Army Wives meets Real Housewives meets The (Married) Bachelor.

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I ain’t buying

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Can we still be lifelong friends who pretend like I never did the embarrassing puppet bit back in 2012?

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If this doesn’t stir up the patriotism in you, then you are dead inside.

I don’t believe in Karma as a religious concept.

In fact, I lean in the complete opposite direction – as in we get something (grace) that we didn’t do a THING to earn (because it’s a gift). Of course, my goal as a Christian is to live and love like Jesus. But everything I am given in return is because of God’s grace alone and not because of my good works. Amen and amen.

Boom! You just got theologically flash mobbed.

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I don’t know about y’all, but I feel like I’ve been through the ringer these past few months, and I’m now in the mood for some serious holiday fun!

And since the entire month of November is the sacred “give thanks via your Facebook status” month, I decided to do my own thing over here at Katy in a Corner and host a Thanksgiving give away. A Thanksgiveaway.

Oh, just laugh. I’m giving away free stuff.

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